Mental Health First Aid Starts with us!

Adult Mental Health First Aid Two Day

This course is delivered by an instructor accredited through Public Health and is the internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid England (Adult) course.
On this two-day course, participants will learn how to:

* Identify the early stages of a mental health problem

* Help someone who’s dealing with a mental health issue

* Help stop someone from self-harming or hurting others

* Help stop mental ill health from worsening

* Help someone have a quicker recovery

* Guide someone towards proper professional help

* Break the stigma of a mental health problem

Everyone who attends the course will be provided with comprehensive resources, including a mental health first aid manual containing a wealth of information, a workbook, a lanyard and a ‘Z card’ that can be used to identify mental health first aiders in the workplace.

Every employee who completes the course will become a qualified mental health first aider and earn a certificate from MHFA England.

Mental Health Awareness One Day

A foundation course giving an overview of the main mental health conditions.
On this one-day course participants will be able to:

* Describe what is meant by the terms mental illness and mental health.

* Identify the most common mental health diagnosis

* Recognise some of the symptoms of the most common mental illnesses

* List the risk factors that may contribute to the development of a mental health problem.

* Challenge some of the stereotypes and stigma associated with the term mental illness

* Identify ways of looking after your own mental wellbeing

* Discuss recovery for those experiencing mental illness

Suicide Prevention

This one day course gives an in depth insight into suicide rates across the country. 

Participants will discuss risk factors, protective factors and warning signs.

It also gives participants skills in non judgemental listening skills and practice in having those difficult conversations which will save lives.

Mental Capacity Act & LPS

This course is designed to meet the learning needs of anyone supporting vulnerable adults or that may benefit from an understanding as part of their role. 

The aim of this course is to enable participants to recognise when the freedom (Liberty) of a person, who has been found to lack capacity, might be being called into question. The session offers guidance, and discussion on how to understand the difference between legal and illegal deprivation of a person’s liberty and how to recognise when local authority or Court of Protection Authorisation may be required, if there is no less restrictive option to keep an individual safe, to ensure legal practice at all times. 

Positive behaviour support foundation one day

The main aim of this course is to help employees understand the behaviour of the people in their care so that they can maintain an effective, consistent, positive, person centred approach with the principle objective of improving the quality of the lives of those individuals. 

MHFA Champion one day

 This one day course is designed to create Mental Health Champions within your organisation to support your qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

Who is this course for:
Line managers who want to be able to manage mental health in the workplace and keep people in work supporting good occupational safety and health
You will learn how to:

Recognise the main signs and symptoms of common mental health issues

Provide initial support to the Mental Health First Aiders and those needing support

Guide a person towards appropriate professional help

Develop an understanding of how you can create and maintain a healthier workforce.


Emergency First Aid at Work

Level 3 HSE approved one-day course which will equip first aiders so that they can give first aid to someone who is injured or ill. This qualification is valid for 3 years at which point it must be renewed. There are options for both examination courses and non examination.

Autism Awareness

The Autism Awareness programme will provide participants with an overview of what Autism is, the ways in which it can affect individuals and how businesses can create an ‘autism friendly’ environment.  

Our one day ‘Introduction to Autism’ programme gives an overview of Autism. We can also deliver one day programmes which focus on one aspect of autism;

Autism and sensory perception, Autism and Communication, Autism and mental health  and Autism and Positive Behaviour Support 

The programme can be adapted to meet the specific needs of staff who are new to supporting people with autism or people in other sectors who want to offer a good service to people with autism who are their customers.  

Learning Disability Awareness

This course explores what a learning disability is and what it means for the individual. 

It explores how those supporting can make changes to their own behaviour and communication to help them offer good support to people with learning disabilities and examines how the public perception of people with learning disabilities can create barriers to inclusion.  

Usually co-delivered by a learning and development consultant with a learning disability, this introductory programme explores what learning disability is, and what it means for the individual. 

It will help participants to discover ways in which they can adapt their own communication so they can be understood by people with learning disabilities.

Sexuality and relationships for those who support vulnerable people

This course is designed to meet the learning needs of anyone working with individuals with learning disabilities or that may benefit from an understanding of sexuality and learning disability as part of their role. 

Our aim is a future where the sexual identity, and personal and sexual relationships of people with learning disabilities are recognised, accepted and respected. 

Just like everybody else, people with a learning disability are sexual beings, and have inherent sexual rights, which need to be affirmed, defended and respected.

We want individuals to be empowered to have positive, healthy, informed and safe relationships.

Safeguarding and supporting vulnerable people

This one day course is aimed at people that regularly come into contact with vulnerable individuals as part of their role.

This course will provide participants with an understanding of their role, their duty of care, and any   actions that should be taken to address suspicions or allegations of abuse. 

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